royse city high school royse city high school royse city high school royse city high school royse city high school royse city high school

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"Stand a Little Out of My Sun"

A quote from the Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope when Alexander the Great asked him if he had any wish that needed fulfilling.

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Nice Camera Work!

  • A big shout-out to our kids; they took most of the photos used throughout our website. Keep up the good work!

Garrett Burgess Griffin Royse, City Founder

  • Mr. Royse, better known as “Byrd Royse,” was born in Adair County, Kentucky on January 31, 1838, to William and Mary Stone Royse
  • He was the seventh of 14 children
  • We are quite sure Mr. Royse loved Bulldogs but if pressed we have no documented evidence of this
  • However, there is no documented evidence that he didn't love Bulldogs, thus, he loved Bulldogs
  • Mr. Royse served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War
  • Around 1850, Mr. Royse’s future grandmother-in-law and her sons bought several tracts of land that were later known as Royse City
  • The MK&T Railroad line from Greenville to Dallas ran through Rockwall County. Mr. Royse donated land for the railway and cut a deal to build a train station if they named the city after him
  • His new train station was painted gold and black but back in the day nobody knew why
  • Prices for land in Royse City rose and the Royse family sold their stake and participated in the Oklahoma Land Rush. There, Mr. Royse and his wife resided until their deaths


New to RC?

Check out this brief video to get an idea about many of the great things we have to offer at RCHS. Special thanks to RCTV for producing this video.

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Power Hour Videos

For a brief explanation about this year's schedule and the transition to Power Hour, please use the links below to access the videos.

See the list of clubs and meeting times here.

Tutorial times and locations can be found here.

Click here for the Power Hour video.

The research behind Power Hour video.

Please be aware of current bridge closure and required alternate routes.

Back to School Information

From registering for the year, to Chromebooks, to schedule pick up times, we have done our best to list important information all in one place for you.

Please click here to read this year's back to school information

Dual Credit Information

To view the Dual Credit website click here!

Special Thanks

The RCHS Special Olympic team would like to thank American National Bank, Balfour, Golden Chick, Guaranty Bank, High Point Church, and Walmart for their generous contributions toward purchasing our letter jackets.

Traffic Flow Pattern

The RCHS traffic flow plan has parents dropping off and picking up students in the back of the campus. This allows for student drivers to be totally separate from car riders each day. Buses will continue to use the front loop.

To view the traffic flow map, click here.

Bookmark this site!!

We are so excited to share information through this new campus website. Our goal is to provide important information and communicate in a way that better serves ours students and community. Please share the link to our site through social media!

What is C4L?

We are really excited about the C4L (Connected For Learning) Project that we started at Royse City High School last year. C4L provides each of our students with a Chromebook computer if they choose to check one out. Chromebooks are great devices for the educational environment because of their ease of use, great battery life, and cost. The vision behind the C4L Project is to provide all RCHS student access to the information they need to be successful.

Click Here for more information

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